The Maam valley carries an immense amount of recent and prehistoric history.

Modern Day Maam Valley

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About The Maam Valley

Maam is a lovely wooded town land beside some great fishing lakes. The ancient woods give the place a magical feel, overshadowed by the Maamturk Mountains with their numerous prehistoric and early historic sites. The Western Way, a long distance walking trail will take you from the southern end of the Maam Valley to the ancient site of Mámean.

Joe Keane's Pub in Maam is a landmark in Connemara, County Galway

The Kilmeelickin Church at Maam houses the stained glass window of St. Brendan (1950) by Dublin born Evie Hone (1894 - 1955). Maam was also one of the locations for 'The Quiet Man' film, 1952, starring Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne. On the way to Leenane there is a signpost for 'Leaba Pháiric' (Patrick's bed), a rock recess and 'Tobar Pháraic' (Patrick's well) which mark a place of pilgrimage, they were traditionally visited on the Sunday in July, but less so nowadays. The well was believed to cure cattle as well as some human ills.