Maam Valley History

441 - Thug Naomh Padraig cuairt ar Máméan
1227/30 -Castle built in Kirk Island by Richard De Burgo
1233 - Castle was destroyed for the first time by Feilim son of Cathal.
14th Century -Joyces arrive led by Thomas, his son Mac Mara so named a he was born at sea later married O’Flaherty’s daughter
1570 - A Mac Thomas Joyce owns Castle Kirk.
1595 - Domhnall an Chogaidh Ó Flatharta seizes the castle (husband of Grace O’Malley)
1820 - Pádraic na mBan.
1820 - Corrib Lodge built by Nimmo (1773-1834)
1823 - Maam Bridge built.
1842 - Hall’s pass through the area and comment that an earlier visitor to the area had observed a priest saying mass at a Dun near what is now Dereen wood in the vernacular (Gaeilge). Folklore at the time suggested this to be a site of ancient banquet hall. The church was in Kilmilkin when the Halls arrived though it was described in derogatory terms.
1861 - Doon Church consecrated by the Irish Church Mission.
1865 - Sir B L Guinness acquires Cáislean na Circe. (Castle Kirk)
1879 - Scoil Naisíunta Thir na Cille was built
1884 - Kilmilkin school built.
1899 - Two bridges built to connect Raigha to Kilmilki
1910 - Kilmilkin church enlarged
1919 - Padraig O Máille elected to the first dáil
1920 - Mounterown ambush r.i.c constable killed
1922 - Kilmilkin ambush William Joyce Shanafarhaun killed
1933 - Doon church closes
1950 - Evie Hone window installed in Kilmilkin church
1950 - Quiet Man filmed in local area, original cottage in tir na cill mám
1963 - Kilmilkin school closes a new pre-fabricated school opens in raigha
1967 - foras talúntas opens sheep and mountain research station at Griggins
1974 - First coiste formed in Mám 1974 - Maam-Leenane youth club cill bhríde win macra na tuaithe club of the year award
1974 - coiste pobail an Mháma win united dominions trust award for tir na cill
1975 - New school opens at tir na cill
1985 - St Patrick’s pilgrimage church blessing on mámeán mountain
1993 - President Mary Robinson opens jetty at mám bridge
1994 - Maam women’s group formed
1995 - Breenane graveyard extended
1995 - Maam craft club formed
1996 - Coiste forbartha an Mháma formed
1996 - Launch of Mám children’s (5-14) play scheme
1996 - Launch of the Joyce country echo newspaper
1998 - Window of the crucifixion installed at Kilmilkin church
1998 - First official visit of the Sam Muguire cup to Mám
1999 - Ionad pobail an Mháma opened by eamon o cuiv td
1999 - Launch of og ogras youth club (8-12)
1999 - Formation of Connemara hill lamb group
2000 - Pilgrimage walk to Doon hill, Mounterowen
2000 - Millennium celebration at ionad pobail an mháma
2000 - Maam children’s play scheme wins “millennium recognition award”
2001 - Scoil bhride tir na cill win “building for the future” award
2001 - Maam children’s play scheme win arts award for their film “maam take i”
2001 - Maam time capsule buried - to be opened in 2050
2003 - Coiste forbartha an mháma win “glor na ngael” award
2004 - Launch of Maam valley water scheme (126 households avail of service)
2004 - Launch of “mná an mháma a branch of Maam women’s group
2005 - Cur road, wins the “golden mile of maam” award
2006 - Tir na Cill road north, wins “golden mile of maam” award
2007 - Maam women’s group win “make it happen” award
2007 - Red cross launch Maam - Leenane ambulance service
2008 - Connemara community radio make a broadcast from ionad pobail an mháma
2008 - Galway and Kilkenny heritage department members visit ionad pobail an mháma
2008 - Launch of local history project for Leenane - Maam - Finney
2009 - Leenane - Kilmilkin - Finney parish celebrates centenary